Brexa Breast cancer screening App


Breast cancer is the commonest cancer affecting women. But the numbers of women actively doing their own cancer prevention checks are still low. VESNA is a breast cancer screening platform designed by doctors. VESNA helps women be 'breast aware' which is the best way to detect breast cancer early. VESNA is a free downloadable mobile app that guides you in your breast self-examination, reminds you of your next examination, mammograms and much more. In addition to being a companion in your breast cancer prevention, VESNA gives you reliable scientific advice from highly committed doctors regarding common concerns about breast cancer. Know More

VESNA Pathology/Radiology Second Opinion App

In the world of advanced medical diagnostics, two opinions are always better than one. Vesna provides an easy, quick and reliable way of taking medical second opinion with regards to your biopsies. If you are a patient, doctor or a pathologist seeking second opinion for a diagnostic biopsy specimen, we offer second opinion from highly qualified and experienced pathologists trained in the best health systems. Our panel of international radiologists are also happy to provide their services if you need second opinion on your mammogram, CT Scans or MRI .

VESNA Stop Smoking App

Lung cancer almost always occurs in current or previous smokers. Stop smoking! that is the best way to prevent lung cancer. Smoking not only puts the smoker at risk, but also the people surrounding them .Children exposed to passive smoking have higher risk of asthma. Wives of husbands who are smokers have higher risk of lung cancer. VESNA Stop smoking app guides you in quitting smoking in proven scientific ways. It is designed by doctors who are experts in the field and gives you the best advice and motivation. You can also order nicotine replacement products complying with approved scientific guidelines regarding use of such products. STAY UPTODATE

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