We aspire to prevent cancer through optimal technological intervention. Cancer induced deaths across the world have increased significantly in past few years. Common forms of cancer that are ailing mankind pertain to lungs, breasts and colon. To mitigate the menace of cancer, we at Vesna Health Solutions are instrumental in developing breakthrough techniques that would offer trenchant indications into the early symptoms of developing cancerous cells for easy prevention. We also facilitate routine preventive health services like reminders for vaccinations, screening of biopsy specimens, CT scans, mammograms etc., and seeking second opinion from experts. Vesna’s range of user friendly and intuitive technologies empowers users to easily and efficiently screen for cancerous developments at home. Cancer prognosis is done through technologically robust applications that have been designed by experienced medical professionals who have formidable expertise in cancer diagnosis. With Vesna’s technological disruptions, conventional health care models are gradually taking the backseat as users can run diagnostic checks in real time as well as seek opinions of leading medical practitioners. Regular screening services would instantaneously bring to user’s attention any abnormal bodily growth that may be conducive to cancer. At Vesna, we believe in addressing the challenge head-on by objective, clinical, and empirical analysis of the problem. Our cutting edge apps delegate the power of self-diagnosis to the users for optimum health quotient and edginess free life.

Our electronic system is a bold step in the direction of obliterating disparities in primary health care standards in rural and urban area by raising awareness and offering access to primary medical care. Intuitive and interactive mobile apps help people screen themselves for diseases based on age and health profiles. Our app would guide the person with abnormality to the strategic health care provider for correct opinion.


We are driven by the objective of building a robust and comprehensive electronic health care system that would cater to the common diagnostic and health boosting needs of individuals and also complement the services of doctors, pathologists and related medical practitioners. Our state of the art smartphone apps have been strategically designed to rid people of tedious conventional consultative procedures and to vest the power of real time self-diagnosis in their hands.


We envision becoming most preferred electronic health care partner of people by offering them innovative tools for personalized primary health diagnosis and creating right level of awareness, motivation and guidance to keep terminal diseases at bay.

Quality Policy

We will adhere to top notch quality always and continuously strive to raise the bar in our services.

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