Did you know that breast cancer can have symptoms related to breasts, before it begins to spread? Women should be aware of these seven symptoms.

  • 1. Itching or crusting of the nipple or surrounding area
  • 2. Nipple inversion and changes in direction
  • 3. Sudden change in size or shape of breasts
  • 4.Discharge coming from nipple
  • 5. Swelling in armpit or above the collarbone
  • 6.Puckering, dimpling or thickening of skin over the breast
  • 7.Pain in the breast or armpit

Women above 20 should start doing monthly self breast examination. This helps in understanding normal nature of your breasts. Any unusual findings in next self check becomes detectable with ease.

Regular self checks are the easiest way to help women be breast aware. Early detection before its spread is the only sure way to get rid of breast cancer and lead a normal life.

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