Brexa Premium

The app analyses the user's risk of cancer in future and the smart assistant suggests appropriate prevention strategies. Brexa helps women do self - breast examination with the help of video guidance. Steps counter monitors daily physical activity. It prompts to do monthly self-check and yearly mammograms at the appropriate age. If there is an abnormality, an interactive assistant in the app guides to the correct doctor. The app communicates to their doctors and gets medical reports delivered to the app. The web based portal for company provides complete analytics on employee screening activity, customize the list of partner hospitals, delivers health education and text messages to employees and much more.

Brexa Enterprise

The app takes over lab results delivery; follow up video consultations and tracks review appointments. Doctors carry a summary of their patient profile in their secure doctor’s app and can receive reports and communicate on the go. The pending medical results get delivered to doctor’s app from admin portal. Once doctor approves, results reaches patient's app along with reassuring chat message. Patients can chat with their doctors, store medical results and book appointments using the app. Organisations can get custom training module integrated to this application, which enables them to provide mandatory training to busy doctors using the app and generate training completion reports.

Brexa Corporate

The app supports PDF, videos and animation content. Content created by the organisation can be easily uploaded by HR to the admin portal. The pre and post quiz can be set this and makes it engaging for employees. Completion reports can be generated based on quiz results and statistics can monitored by HR admin. Employee surveys, general alert messages and employee feedback will be amazingly quick with the corporate communicator. Moreover, the content cannot be shared, which makes the app ultra-secure against data leak.


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