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Clinical doctors

Vesna mobile application helps people screen for various cancers by proving periodic reminders, age based risk analysis, training on performing self-examinations and providing scientifically accurate information. Those who have detected positive findings using the app require the help of clinicians to further evaluate and ascertain the significance of that finding.

As a clinical doctor registered with Vesna, the app directs the user in your area to book an appointment to meet you for a primary consultation and diagnostic biopsies. It is proven to increase patient traffic for you and contributes significantly to your medical practice. This has benefited numerous surgeons, gastroenterologists, ENT and gynecologists all over the world.


Vesna offers remote reporting services. As a Vesna registered radiologist, you will be able to report on second opinion requests as well as provide out of hours cover for radiology centers all over the world. We use the latest digital technology to capture images which you can access from your computer and report within a short time, thereby reducing delays in obtaining an expert opinion. This has contributed to significant revenue generation for many of our experts who can utilize their spare time for remote reporting.


Vesna uses FDA approved 40X slide scanner to give the best digital representation of pathological slides. As a registered service provider, you will be able to access the image bundle with clinical details remotely and give your expert diagnosis, thereby reducing turnaround time significantly. Use your spare time to contribute towards revenue generation and faster cancer diagnosis world wide.

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